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                                                                                                                                        "Annie" art by KenTheWolf 

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    • By Little_Taila_Lover in Little Tails, Little Tales 0
      Hi guys!
      Today's article is all about the newest cutie introduced in the series: Mya!

      She's a recent refugee from the city-wide crisis of Chapter 10. Aside from her physical characteristics, she's skilled in lockpicking. She's rather timid, and is kinda scared by the world around her.
      Her sexuality is unknown at the current moment, and I currently don't have a good read on which way she swings, either. My guess is if she's straight, she'd probably find some way to hook up with Lemmy, considering he rescued her. If she's bisexual or lesbian, my guess is she'll try to hook up with another available woman. Perhaps April is still alive and well? If so, she'd be a perfect fit.
      Anyways, that's all I got for today. I might come up with more later on this upcoming week, or have a longer article next week. It also depends on if a new page gets releases, too.
      Have a good one you guys!
    • By Dacsoft in Dacsoft's Hot Picks 0
      Arri The Cat
      Art by: DashtheCheetah

    • By Dacsoft in Dacsoft's Hot Picks 0
      Krystal in Chains
      Art by: Miles-DF

    • By Dacsoft in Dacsoft's Hot Picks 0
      What's better than two Tails? 
      Art by: Aetos Achlys

    • By Dacsoft in Dacsoft's Hot Picks 0
      Amy gets anal from Tails .
      Art by: Excito

    • By Little_Taila_Lover in Little Tails, Little Tales 0
      Hey there everyone!
      Today, the latest page in the series has been released. In it, Annie and Mya are walking into the refuge, winding their way through the maze of the subways. In the dialogue, it shows that the creatures are drawn towards light, so that's why Annie is using a flashlight instead of the main lighting system. The final panel shows them at the end of the tunnel, with Mya showing a surprised face in reaction to the refuge. As always, the page is well drawn, and there aren't any typos. Also, Annie still manages to look cute in the last panel, despite being all grown up and more beautiful rather than cute. Overall, a solid page!
      Now for speculation as to what is next. We can assume that Angel is the person that Lemmy went to see in the previous page based on Annie's attachment to him before Chapter 10 and the fact that she's almost married (she's referenced as "having a fiance" in a previous page). Characters that aren't accounted for yet:
      Benedict (and his harem)
      As for who I can assume made it, at this time, I don't have a prediction. I assume at least half of the above list has (at least) survived, either in another area, or in the refuge.
      That's it for my page review/plot summary and speculation. This week's article is just going to be the page review, but I predict the next page won't be ready by next week considering the wait time between the last few pages, so I'll have some interesting articles in store for the next few posts. Have a good day!
    • By Dacsoft in Dacsoft's Hot Picks 0
      Art by their respective artist.

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  • Little Tails is the Story of two siblings , Annie and Angel, and through their eyes they interact with the world around them and their friends. The series has many interactions in the lives of other residents within the Little Tails world as well, which creates a rich story line and plot twists...From the mind of BBMBBF and the Palcomix Team, there is nothing "Little" about Little Tails, only Big adventure as the lives of Annie, Angel and their Friends evolve.


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