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  2. Palcomix Appreciation Society 2.0 Address: https://discord.gg/FuKgRsX
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  4. Ta ayudo con el servidor y tú sigues con tu web
  5. I think I am gonna bow out of the discord game , and focus on this website , if you want you could post some of your pics here ?
  6. Tengo uno servidor que cree con 13 usuarios (no sabía de esta web antes ) y lo cree pensado que nadie hizo uno. si quieres lo reactivo y usamos ese
  7. As far as I have read once they delete it it is gone , if you want start up a little tails server I could do advertising for the server. You could run it .
  8. Si no recuerdo mal si discord borra algún servidor seguirán sus datos guardados habla con ellos y puede que pongan los datos para que reaparezca de nuevo (se guardaban al menos 35h antes de eliminarlo por completo creo)
  9. The server was deleted by discord .
  10. Did the Discord disappear? I went to log in today and couldn't find the icon? Unless I was banned for some reason, which I can't think of why? Help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Art by: unknown artist... Look at that butt!
  12. Anime : Aggretsuko Art by: Clarabellecrow https://inkbunny.net/Clarabellecrow
  13. Art by: YianKutKuGT https://inkbunny.net/YianKutKuGT
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