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  2. nice filling at the end art by: unknown artist
  3. if you are interested in writing Palcomix related articles for this site please let me know at: palcomixas@gmail.com
  4. UPDATE: if anyone would like to write articles Palcomix related that would be great send me a message at : palcomixas@gmail.com
  5. Hey Krunnex, ten out of sixteen of these images are from the IL portfolios. I would advise against keeping them up. After all, that's what you had us do on the Discord.
  6. Hi there! I thought my first article would be speculation for what I think the next few pages of LT will be about. We've already established that Annie is safe (despite the kidnapping at the end of Chapter 9), so now we need to figure out what happened to Angel. It's likely that Lemmy (the guy who rescued Mya) is going to be checking in with him in one of these later chapters. It could be either Angel or Finn that he'll be checking in with. That just leaves April, Alfred, Beck, Audrey (EDIT: Also Cathy), and Benedict that are unaccounted for. Also, I wonder who Bryce, Romi, and the armored guards are searching for. Considering they were heading to "the north area" next and that they're searching for refugees. It could be that Annie and the rest of them are about to be in danger, so depending on how this plays out, we could be either looking at a bleak ending or a miracle (I'm hoping it's not sad. I'd probably cry if any of the main cast dies for real). Worst case scenario, the refugee camp goes under siege and everyone dies. Best case scenario, they manage to escape/solve the problem and live happily ever after. Only time will tell what the outcome is. Hope you enjoyed reading, and have a good day! -LTL
  7. Heya guys. I thought I'd do an article on something I've been pondering in Chapter 0.5. If this is a story about anthropomorphic animals, how does pizza ethically exist? Not only does this particular protein have pepperoni (pork product), but it also has cheese on it (bovine product). Does this mean that pigs and cows aren't anthro? Or is it something more sinister? I'll attach the page in question to this article, but I thought I'd point it out and leave it open ended. In other discussion, though, I must say that Chapter 10 is shaping up to be interesting. I always thought that Benedict and Hoku were working together because of both of their connections to the mysterious green doctor and Bryce, but now I'm not so sure, considering the fact that Bryce is hunting down refugees and Annie is in one of the refugee camps (I think she's the one behind the door in the latest page). I guess we'll wait and see what goes down later on. Anyways, I hope you all have a good day.
  8. If you would like to write Little Tails articles for this site please let me know , I'm user: dacsoft , or reply to this topic. Regards. Dacsoft
  9. Saw this section was empty, so here's my 2 cents
  10. So, I was working with this site the other day and I accidentally deleted this mini forum , a long story but we will have to start it anew. My apologies Dacsoft
  11. Art by: StyloGhost Krystal is kinda horny 😛
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