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    Version 1.0.0


    PDF of the 2019 Palcomix Calendar ,print it out today!
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    Hi guys! Today's article is all about the newest cutie introduced in the series: Mya! She's a recent refugee from the city-wide crisis of Chapter 10. Aside from her physical characteristics, she's skilled in lockpicking. She's rather timid, and is kinda scared by the world around her. Her sexuality is unknown at the current moment, and I currently don't have a good read on which way she swings, either. My guess is if she's straight, she'd probably find some way to hook up with Lemmy, considering he rescued her. If she's bisexual or lesbian, my guess is she'll try to hook up with another available woman. Perhaps April is still alive and well? If so, she'd be a perfect fit. Anyways, that's all I got for today. I might come up with more later on this upcoming week, or have a longer article next week. It also depends on if a new page gets releases, too. Have a good one you guys!
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    Krystal in Chains Art by: Miles-DF
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    Art by their respective artist.
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    Saw this section was empty, so here's my 2 cents
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    Heya guys. I thought I'd do an article on something I've been pondering in Chapter 0.5. If this is a story about anthropomorphic animals, how does pizza ethically exist? Not only does this particular protein have pepperoni (pork product), but it also has cheese on it (bovine product). Does this mean that pigs and cows aren't anthro? Or is it something more sinister? I'll attach the page in question to this article, but I thought I'd point it out and leave it open ended. In other discussion, though, I must say that Chapter 10 is shaping up to be interesting. I always thought that Benedict and Hoku were working together because of both of their connections to the mysterious green doctor and Bryce, but now I'm not so sure, considering the fact that Bryce is hunting down refugees and Annie is in one of the refugee camps (I think she's the one behind the door in the latest page). I guess we'll wait and see what goes down later on. Anyways, I hope you all have a good day.
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    My first attempt at animating. This is definitely a rough draft.

    © LittleTailsLover for art and Icarus, Bbmbbf for Annie

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    Wanna cum in this? Art by V-TAL https://www.furaffinity.net/user/v-tal/
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