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  1. Nicole the Holo Lynx
  2. Welcome to Benedict's Harem Comic available: https://www.palcomixappreciationsociety.com/gallery/category/40-benedicts-harem/
  3. Amy's favorite brand Art by: eXcito https://inkbunny.net/eXcito
  4. Krystal being her utter cute self Art by: Hidden-Cat
  5. Apparently the Comic will be free distribution and the release will be based on the commissioners payments. Source: BBMBBF
  6. Currently I have no real info on where it will be released , or if it will be exclusive or free distro....
  7. information on the comic : "Welcome to Benedict's Harem"
  8. Wanna cum in this? Art by V-TAL https://www.furaffinity.net/user/v-tal/
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