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  1. Female Infinity art by respective artist
  2. Art by ZhengFox Nice Assets by the way!
  3. Scourge and Fiona fuck! Art by: Dashthecheetah https://inkbunny.net/DashtheCheetah
  4. Tails and Shadow show their love to each other. Art by: Pepaminto Patty
  5. Krystal gets it up the butt. Art by: Whisperfoot
  6. Krystal and Fox screw Art by : VtalFluffy
  7. Coco from Crash Bandicoot
  8. Classic Amy
  9. Rainbow Dash ,art by Palcomix Team
  10. Carol from Freedom Planet Art by Palcomix Team
  11. Jenny , art by Palcomix Team
  12. Are you trying to seduce me?? Art by: Respective Artist
  13. Sonic ,Tails , and Knuckles have some fun! Art by : Vellvet Foxie https://inkbunny.net/VellvetFoxie
  14. Art by : respective artist Shadow and Knuckles have some backdoor fun.
  15. Elora has a nice ass! Art by : Wamudraws

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