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  1. Not my best work, but I haven't done digital in a while, so bear with me. Work in Progress (WIP) picture featuring Hoku and my Original LT Character, Icarus.
  2. Updated link! Added a new short story based on a WIP image I made. Click here to view the stories. Also, I'll post the image in the Images topic.
  3. Here's another rough sketch. Audrey: "What the hell, Angel?! You finished WAY too quickly! Even Alfred wasn't this quick! Phone: Message Notification "45 people liked your post."
  4. Quick sketch I did. Freehanded a reference image and added LT characters. Audrey: "Angel, are you going to start, or what?" Angel: *Looks at viewers* "And you guys wonder why we're not a couple?"
  5. Was thinking of adding this to the already established thread, but I thought text content deserved it's own thread. Anyone is free to post their Little Tails fanfiction content here! I'll post mine right now. Click here to see some short stories by me, updated weekly.
  6. Starting work on a little project. It might not be done for a while, but here's the cover page.
  7. Thought I'd include my works (Apologies for the quality, first time I had drawn in ages):
  8. Did the Discord disappear? I went to log in today and couldn't find the icon? Unless I was banned for some reason, which I can't think of why? Help would be greatly appreciated.
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